MTS Proje

Project Planning and Development

  • Project Planning and Development
  • Concept Design and Development
  • Project Feasibility Services
  • Income, Expense and Budget Estimation
  • Architectural Concept and Theme Creation
  • Urban Transformation Services
  • Risky Building Detection
  • Building Audit Services
MTS Proje

Sales and After Sales Services

  • Determination of Sales Strategy and Channels
  • Creating the Sales Team
  • Communication with the Customer Portfolio
  • Pre-Sales and Launch Management
  • Sales Process Management 
  • After sales services
  • Citizenship Services
  • Interior Architecture and Furniture Services
MTS Proje

Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing

  • Determination of Marketing Strategy and Channels
  • Corporate Identification Services
  • Social Media and Traditional Media Communications Management
  • Launching Studies
  • Visual Advertising Material Studies
  • Press Release Studies 
MTS Proje

Analysis and Reporting

  • Determination of Sales Strategies and Channels
  • Market, Region, Competitor and Customer Analysis
  • Housing Valuation and Expertise
  • Reporting Studies
  • Project Risk Analysis and Management
  • Project Swot Analysis
MTS Proje

Legal Services

  • Preparation of the Contract of Flat for Land
  • Preparation of the Promise of Sales Contract
  • Sworn Translation Services
  • Notary Contract Services
  • Creating the Management Plan
MTS Proje


  • Marketing and Sales Trainings
  • Housing Finance Trainings
  • Technical Trainings
  • Customer Satisfaction Training
  • CRM Training
  • Performance Development Studies

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